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From time to time I have new custom pieces for sale that are built ahead.  They are what they are and you can choose output capacitors, but that is about the only customization possible.  They can be wired for 240 VAC input if you are outside of N. America.  You never know what I will have so check back as this list changes monthly.  It is a chance for you to skip the build queue. Currently I have:  Citation V output transformer, tested and working at full power $150

Brand New D Sachs Model 2 preamp  $2499

I have a brand new preamp in the new black aluminum chassis.  This one has all of the options included including a premium tube set. 3mm aluminum black chassis with tubes on top One pair Shuguang Black Treasure CV181-T and one pair Black Treasure CV181-Z tubes one set of XLR inputs using the excellent Cinemag Line Transformers 3 pairs of RCA inputs 2 sets out output capacitors and outputs First output is for tube amps and any amplifier with >80K input impedance.  It uses the wonderul Polish made Duelund copy oil caps that I use in my own preamp.   They sound every bit as good as a Duelund cap to me Second output is wired to a pair of 2uF AudioCap Theta film and foil caps bypassed by a small teflon cap.  These will drive any amplifier with >20K input impedance. All signal path wiring is the wonderful Duelund 20 gauge tinned copper stranded wire. 64 step remote Khozmo attenuator MY NEW MOD that allows for the usual 6X5GT rectifier as well as a 6BY5, which has FAR more current capability and sounds even better than a Bendix 5852, the mil spec 6X5 type.   Works great and there are 6BY5 tubes for under $10 all over epay and other vendors.   You can still use the Bendix or any 6X5 type, but the 6BY5 sounds better:)  No, don’t email me and ask how to do it!  You figure it out……

Brand New Kootenay 120 power amp  $3299 SOLD,

sorry.  I can build them in 6-8 weeks lead time.

I will have this one done in about 10 days.  Best of everything, all tubes, ready to go!  Fully regulated independent high voltage supplies for each channel, Duelund signal path wiring, 65 watts/ch.       
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Vintage Tube Audio  Restoration and Repair
front view rear view inside Power amp front Power amp inside