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My custom amps and preamps

From time to time I have new custom pieces for sale that are built ahead.  They are what they are and you can choose output capacitors, but that is about the only customization possible.  They can be wired for 240 VAC input if you are outside of N. America.  You never know what I will have so check back as this list changes monthly.  It is a chance for you to skip the build queue. Right now I will have a custom line stage in a one of a kind Douglas-fir case with tubes on top.   It has 5 RCA inputs, a tape monitor loop, and the excellent 64 step Khozmo remote attenuator.   It will be $1999 with one pair of excellent output capacitors and a basic tube set.   Optionally you can try the lovely Polish oil caps I have been using lately.  They are a copy of the Duelund CAST Cu caps and the cases look identical.  These are wonderful capacitors, but like the Duelunds, they are large.  These are only available in a .47 uF value, which will drive any power amp down to about 70K input impedance.   That option would be $125 additional cost.   The preamp will come with a basic tube set.  Upgrading to the the wonderful Shuguang black treasure CV181-T tubes will be $149 per pair.  Photos of the preamp when done in a day or two. Wow…. that one sold.  There will be another pre-built one for sale shortly!

Rebuilt vintage amps and preamps

From time to time I have pieces for sale that I have restored.  Or prototypes of new gear.  You never know what I will have so check back as this list changes monthly.  Sometimes I have three or four pieces available, and sometimes none.  You never know.  If anything posted here interests you please contact me and I will send you some more photos.  Also check the news page as I list things that might be coming in and will be available in a short time as I get around to rebuilding them.  Currently I have: Harmon Kardon Citation II  I have a nice Harmon Kardon Citation II core that I am ready to completely restore, complete with the rare tube cage.  It will have every McShane kit installed, every tweak that Jim and I have developed including the CCS, bias supply upgrade, custom speaker terminals, custom Belden 16 gauge power cord, and of course a premium tube set including a new quad of Gold Lion reissue KT88 tubes.  Transformers and tube cage will be freshly painted.  Price will be $3399.  If you don’t want the tube cage it will be $3299.   I require $1700 down payment to cover all parts costs with the rest due upon shipping within about 30 days.  If you would like me to build it for you please contact me!

D Sachs Model 1 preamp  $1799  SOLD Sorry

Kootenay 120 Power amp

$2799  SOLD Sorry

From time to time I have completed custom preamps or amps built for sale.  I currently have a lovely pair in cherry cases.  This pair was owned by a good customer for only a few months and then he has developed health problems and asked that I market his system for him.  He absolutely loved the gear, but needs to simplify his life right now.  Here is a chance to buy a perfect condition preamp and/or power amp.  The preamp has the manual Khozmo attenuator and Jupiter output caps.  It comes with a full set of CV181z tubes for $1799! The power amp will be updated to the latest version with fully regulated independent power supplies for each channel and full auto biasing of the output tubes.  It will come with a set of Gold Lion reissue output tubes and three CV181z tubes up front.  A steal at $2799. I am not taking any commission and these are fair prices.  I am simply helping him out, so there will be no negotiation on price.

Tubes4Hifi PH16 phono preamp-$895 -Sold, sorry

But I can build another one for  you! I just built this phono stage because Roy Mottram was after me to try it because I loved the SP14 line stage that is the basis for my custom preamps.  I built this my way with my parts choices including Russian KBG oil caps on the outputs, Takman carbon film resistors in key spots, just like in the custom line stages I build.  Also a big film cap for the last filter after the tube rectifier and Canare shielded OFC mic cable for the runs to the jacks.  This is Roy’s best phono preamp and he sells it for $895 assembled with basic tubes.  This one has NOS Philips and Mullard 6922 tubes up front and the buffer tubes are 6CG7 (basically a 6SN7 in a small bottle).  It has about 2.5 mV input sensitivity and multiple DIP switches that allow you to toggle in various resistor and capacitor loadings.  I just have it dialed into 47K with no extra capacitance and it sounds absolutely stunning with my old Thorens TD125 MkII/SME arm/Shure V15 IV setup.  This thing is a steal at $895 built and an even better deal here with better parts, better power supply cap, NOS tubes, oil caps, well you get it.  Those two NOS 6922 tubes are woth about $50 each and very quiet.  I can build another one for myself when I need it, but this one should go to a good home right now as I am not using vinyl all that much.  Great deal, grab it while you can.   Of course I will warrant it fully for two years.   It will run forever.  If you really need more gain I can source the step up transformers of your choice and install them for free if you buy the parts.  Like the line stages I have been building, this thing is so good it is scary!       
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front view Inside the PH16 phono preamp Front view rear - note one pair of XLR inputs